Let's do this

Post by John Thomson on January 28th, 2016

We started this MobilGov™ movement because it needed to happen, plain and simple. As citizens, we were frustrated with how hard it was to do basic, routine business with government. As it turns out, innovators inside government were equally frustrated with the sheer lack of forward-thinking in the market from their existing vendors.

So we set out to change that. Together.

We’ve found willing and eager partners in government leaders and citizens alike! That includes tremendous support from the Kansas City start-up community and local leaders. The feedback has really been overwhelmingly positive.

As word spreads about what we are doing and our unique approach to digital government and mobile payments, it’s time to add capital to help us grow more quickly, serve more government clients and, ultimately, empower more citizens.

In this Series A round of funding, we talked to a lot of venture firms. We were looking for smart partners that shared our vision and citizen-first mission, and we found them. That sense of purpose is what drives us and makes this MobilGov movement so fun…and important.

This is a shout out to our fellow ‘true believers’! We hear you. And we’re here for you.

Let’s do this—together.

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