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PayIt at #ICMA2016

Post by John Thomson on October 07th, 2016

The theme to the recent ICMA conference held this past week in Kansas City included a large focus around how to improve, and perhaps, simplify service delivery to residents. It is a driver of our passion as well. Below are some highlights of the things learned and shared:

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The True Meaning of Modernization

Post by John Thomson on February 08th, 2016

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Recently, I was asked to participate in an informational hearing held by the State of California’s Senate Subcommittee on Modernizing Government.

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Let's do this

Post by John Thomson on January 28th, 2016

We started this MobilGov™ movement because it needed to happen, plain and simple. As citizens, we were frustrated with how hard it was to do basic, routine business with government. As it turns out, innovators inside government were equally frustrated with the sheer lack of forward-thinking in the market from their existing vendors.

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Your citizens are banking on mobile government

Post by John Thomson on December 29th, 2015

When’s the last time you walked into a bank to check your account balance? Or to transfer funds from one account to another? Like most Americans, even the idea of doing such a routine activity in person seems laughable.

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