PayIt at #ICMA2016

Post by John Thomson on October 07th, 2016

The theme to the recent ICMA conference held this past week in Kansas City included a large focus around how to improve, and perhaps, simplify service delivery to residents. It is a driver of our passion as well. Below are some highlights of the things learned and shared:

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Rethinking County Services with 21st Century Tech: Highlights from #NACoAnn

Post by Luke Norris on July 27th, 2016

Last Friday, I was privileged to present with Stephen Goldsmith from Harvard Kennedy School at the CIO Summit, a part of the #NACoAnn conference in Long Beach.

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PayIt Named Finalist for AWS' 2016 City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge

Post by Tyler Randel on June 21th, 2016

Out of 200 applicants nationwide, only 19 companies were named finalists in this year's AWS City on a Cloud(CoaC) Innovation Challenge.

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“I Just Want to PayIt…”

Post by Tyler Randel on June 07th, 2016


Why do millions of Americans each year choose to shop at speciality grocery stores(like Trader Joe’s, HyVee or HEB) when similar products cost less at stores like Walmart or Aldi?

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PayIt Finishes in Top Three at SXSW

Post by Luke Norris on March 17th, 2016

“Making government work better.” That theme carried through my entire South by Southwest (#SXSW) 2016 experience last week. I’ve attended my fair share of SXSWs, and this year had the biggest buzz to date for improving government services and elevating the right technology to do it.

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PayIt hits the local govtech scene at SXSW

Post by Luke Norris on March 10th, 2016

PayIt's head of local government solutions Luke Norris talks civic tech innovation. If you're headed to South by Southwest 2016 this weekend, don't miss PayIt at Code for America's Tech Innovation Pitch, sponsored by Amazon Web Services. #sxswcivicpitch

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Why I joined PayIt: Let’s mobil(ize) local government

Post by Luke Norris on March 08th, 2016

For the past three years I led government relations for Code for America. In my role, I had the good fortune to travel around the U.S. talking to hundreds of government leaders about 21st Century Digital Government. I also interacted with and mentored dozens of civic and govtech startups through CfAs Accelerator and Incubator while helping public sector agencies understand the benefits of partnering with these new, innovative companies to make government work better.

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Citizen-first doesn't mean government-last.

Post by Ryan Townsend on March 06th, 2016
PayIt Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Ryan Townsend picks up the citizen-first design conversation. 


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My renewed appreciation for citizen-first design

Post by Jennifer Curtis on February 23th, 2016

I have a newborn and a full-time job. So really, two full-time jobs. I've been back at work for one month and already I’ve had to take time off for a pediatrician check-up, plus two unscheduled sick baby visits. I now feel that everything takes two-times longer to do and I have half of the time to do it.

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The True Meaning of Modernization

Post by John Thomson on February 08th, 2016

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Recently, I was asked to participate in an informational hearing held by the State of California’s Senate Subcommittee on Modernizing Government.

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